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We offer a wide variety of lavender products (includes fresh and dried lavender), natural handcrafted vegetarian soaps, bath and body products (natural soothing sugar scrubs, scent-filled mineral bath salts, luscious shea butters & creams, soothing lip balms, culinary delights, custom-made treasures and assorted products for the home.


These are available online, at our cottage store, and when in season, you can find us at several local farmers markets, which include Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market on Tuesdays, Milton DE Farmers Market on Fridays, Historic Lewes Farmers Market on Saturdays and Bethany Beach Farmers Market on Sundays.

Lavender Fields Lotions TogetherOur luxurious lotions include an after sun lotion to soothe and minimize the effects of the damaging rays of the sun on your skin, a very moisturizing citrus lotion, several varieties of lavender lotion, and more!

For the home, you will appreciate many of our products such as lavender essential oil, assorted lavender sachets, fragrant lavender moth repellent to chase moths, spiders and silverfish away from clothing and closets, crafts of all kinds, and even handcrafted soap for your dog.

herbsFor the kitchen, we offer herbs such as savory and sweet Culinary Lavender, Herbs de Provence (a traditional blend of aromatic herbs based from southern France), absolutely delicious Lavender with Sea Salt and much more.

We also offer lavender honey that comes straight from our hives with no additives, lavender extract and a wide variety of teas.

Handcrafted Soaps

Unlike grocery-store soaps, our handcrafted soaps never contain animal fats, artificial preservatives, or chemical additives, hardeners or lathering agents.


They’re made from only natural ingredients: food-grade vegetable oils, fruit and nut butters, including 100% natural, premium Shea butter, specially formulated fragrances, herbs, grains, and flower petals, and, of course, vitamin E. And they’re naturally high in glycerin. Try them all. You’ll love the way they make your skin look and feel during your bath and all through the day.

Mineral Salt Baths

Our bath salts are a special blend of sodium, magnesium, and Dead Sea salts, designed to draw toxins out of your body. The carefully selected all natural essential oils add an aroma-therapeutic effect that will sooth and relax you as well.
mineral baths

Our unbreakable, 14 oz jars hold enough salts for 6 to 10 baths (depending on the size of your tub and your preferences for amount of scent). Just add a couple tablespoons under hot, running water and the essential oils will be released into the water, filling your bathroom with a sensual bouquet. Sit back, close your eyes and soak for a bit. You’ll emerge from the bath a relaxed, revitalized and refreshed.

We currently offer three varieties:

  • Lavender – a blend of sodium and magnesium salts and lavender essential oil makes a soothing, relaxing bath.
  • Peppermint Eucalyptus – contains peppermint essential oil which soothes tired aching muscles and eucalyptus oil which opens the sinuses, aids in breathing, soothes cold symptoms. A few teaspoons in hot water also make for a great foot soak.
  • Relaxing – contains lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang essential oils make this the ideal soak before bedtime

Sugar Scrubs

sugar scrubLooking for a wonderful treatment for rough, dry or flaky skin? Our sugar scrubs, made from natural cane sugar, blended with skin-soothing oils, glycerin, vitamin-E and essential oils, are the perfect product to use to exfoliate and repair dry skin, and leave your skin silky smooth with a healthy glow

We currently offer the following sugar scrub varieties: Grapefruit Tangerine, Lavender, Lavender & Green Tea, Lavender & Rose, Lavender & Lemongrass, Lavender with Orange, Hazelnut, Brown Sugar and Pear Raspberry.

We also have soothing, relaxing Lavender Peppermint Foot Scrub which is also great for cracked elbows.

To use, wash the skin first, then apply a small amount of the sugar to the skin, working the sugar in a circular motion to exfoliate.

Rinse gently, leaving the oils and glycerin to moisturize, and pat dry.

You’ll love the way our sugar scrubs leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized.

Shea Butters and Creams

Shea butter is truly one of the most wonderful ingredients in skin care. It is showing up in many health food stores and bath and body chains throughout the country. Such a buzz word these days, it is very common to find big signs touting “Shea Butter Soaps” or “All Natural Shea Butter Lotions.”

shea butters

As with anything else, we encourage you to read the fine print. Many of these products are using the popularity of shea butter as just another marketing gimmick, and if you read the labels you’ll find they actually contain very little or no shea butter at all.

Our shea butter cream is rich in shea butter. In fact it is the main ingredient.

We use only natural, unrefined, unprocessed butter. Our shea butter is a rich creamy color, has a bit of a texture to it (the refined is white and looks like shortening), and a nutty fragrance.

We have natural African Shea Butters, imported from Ghana, Shea Butter Creams in three varieties (lavender, lemongrass, or almond), and for very rough dry skin, Body Butter (a rich blend of shea butter, sweet almond oil, coconut and beeswax).

You can find them all in our online and at our cottage store.